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Benefits of Promotional Items

Imprinted promotional merchandise can be an enormous source of revenue and advertising. Imprinted merchandise can be sold to loyal customers who are proud to promote your brand. Also, a visitor in a new town is likely to purchase imprinted promotional merchandise to commemorate his or her trip. Take advantage of every sales opportunity by selling quality merchandise imprinted by promosonline.com.


Customers who receive promotional products, on average, return sooner and more frequently, and spend more money than customers who receive coupons. In two separate studies, SMU researchers tested whether promotional products would outperform coupons in the area of repeat business and sales.


Study One - Food Delivery Service - 1993

* Customers who received promotional products reordered up to 18% sooner than those who received coupons and up to 13% sooner than those who received no promotion.
* Customers who received promotional products also averaged up to 18% more orders than those receiving coupons and up to 13% more than those who received nothing.
* In summary, customers who received promotional products reordered more quickly and ordered more often that those who received no promotional products.

Study Two - Dry Cleaner - 1994

* Over an eight-month period, new customers that received promotional products spent 27% more than those who received coupons, and 139% more than those who received only a welcome letter.
* Promotional products recipients were also 49% more likely than coupon recipients and 75% more likely than letter recipients to patronize the dry cleaner in each of the eight months studied.
* In summary, new customers who received promotional products spent more and were more regular customers than those who did not receive promotional products.

Study details: Study one was conducted in 1993 by Southern Methodist University, and consisted of approximately 900 people that were divided equally into nine groups. These nine groups were broken down by type of customer (existing residential, new residential, and business customer) and what they received (promotional product, coupon, or nothing). Products and coupons were valued at $2. Study two, also by SMU, was conducted in 1994, and tracked the activity of 300 new customers at two locations of a dry cleaner. These customers were randomly assigned to one of three groups, all of whom received a welcome letter. Two of these groups received, in addition to the letter, a promotional product or a coupon (each valued at $5).

So you want to outlast and outperform? Let's start with marketing. If marketing can be defined as your overall brand strategy, you're way to transform suspects into motivated prospects, think of the ways you can raise your brand awareness and tempt prospects to come into your client fold with a branded product bearing your targeted message.

The way you recruit and train your employees, quite frankly, is a contest. A contest between you and every other company on the planet to find, acquire and motivate the smartest, hardest working employees. The way you build a team of dedicated, loyal employees is to reward and thank your people. With promotional products this can range from an item as informal as T-shirts for the company picnic to esteemed awards recognizing years of loyal service.

In sales, the never-ending questions are: "How do I encourage top performance?" "How do I turn salespeople who 'reach their quota' into superstars who outsell and outperform all of their competitors?"

As with all employees, recognition plays a vital role, but salespeople typically need more. Usually, they're competitive and driven to succeed by many stimuli. The promotional products world abounds with highly creative, compelling items that can drive a salesperson to succeed and exceed previous goals.

Client retention: How do you transform fickle customers who are always looking for the best price into loyal clients who rely on you as their business partner? By differentiating yourself from your competitors. Not by saying you care, but by showing it. A promotional product's flexibility to accommodate any budget makes them great solutions to positively amplify every step of prospect, customer and client contact.

If you're ready to look at all aspects of your business and examine real ways you can reach your goals, you're ready for promotional products. America's smartest companies, after all, use promotional products to propel and keep their companies at the top.
Using promotional products can be difficult without a plan. Work with your promotional consultant to plan an effective campaign that employs creative imprinted products designed to elicit a phenomenal response.

If you sell machinery, you visit the manufacturing department. If you sell copiers, you go to the office manager. But try to figure out who should use promotional products. Well, show me someone who is growing, hiring, celebrating, changing, moving, building, opening or launching nearly anything and I'll show you great potential for hard-working promotional products.

Even if you're not in a highly competitive field, promotional products give you the ability to quickly raise your products and service awareness at many levels.

You hold in your hands a publication that can continually help you build your business. Through a detailed analysis of usage and products available, you have been blessed with a plethora of business-building strategies. While relatively low in circulation compared to a Fortune or Business 2.0, this publication can be your secret weapon in fighting the ever-growing war for new customers, dedicated employees, motivated sales people and loyal clients.

Use it wisely and thank the person who gave it to you. What a magical gift it is.

There are several attractive methods for imprinting products with your logo. The appropriate imprinting method depends upon the type of product. Fabrics are generally customized by screen printing (or silk-screening) , sublimation or embroidery . Other objects can be engraved , embossed or etched with an insignia. Your choice of imprinting style can greatly affect the appearance of a product by giving it a more formal or casual look.

Imprinted promotional merchandise requires artwork that is camera-ready. promosonline.com accepts artwork in several formats including PDF, JPG, EPS, AI and TIFF files. Colors should be in CMYK mode, meaning that each color is produced by a four-color process using a combination of cyan, magenta, yellow and black. If you do not have a graphic artist to prepare your artwork, we can provide you with the services of a talented professional.

Promotional merchandise serves as a reminder of your brand identity and a lucrative source of revenue. T-shirts, hats, mugs and tote bags are all popular souvenirs items to sell. Promosonline.com can add your logo to these and many more items that will appeal to your target customers and increase demand for your promotional merchandise.